Stir's first major product offering was the Stir Kinetic Desk, a height-adjustable desk that senses and responds to the user. The desk's touchscreen GUI was central to accessing the desk's functionality.
The original GUI was hard to navigate and important tasks were difficult to locate. To begin, I reformulated the UX of the GUI, broadening accessibility, reducing barriers to entry, and removing extraneous content. Second, I softened the user interface, by choosing 'approachable' over 'technical' and introducing controls that are visually clear and iconographically simple.
​​​​​​​Stir’s brand platform highlighted positive change and transformation. Likewise, a Stir product should embody these values and, in so doing, provide a straightforward path toward achievement. The redesigned GUI allowed for a customer experience as inspirational as the Stir brand.
The following image shows part of the wireframe flow for how a user would navigate through the touchscreens. Further images focus on visual and functional aspects of the redesigned GUI.